At TRAC, we are with you and your company every step of the way, empowering you with our data via a custom built TRAC Intelligence Dashboard. Powered by our proprietary forecasting algorithms, your TRAC Intelligence Dashboard helps fuel your progress to becoming a unicorn. We know you already focus on your internal KPIs: TRAC zeroes in on your external ones.


Data and Capital as a Service

TRAC is the world’s first and only VC firm focused entirely on giving startups the data they need to become unicorns
TRAC’s Predictive Data Identifies Future Unicorns
(We Can Prove It)

TRAC’s Data is Free, We Make Money By Helping Your Company Succeed

With TRAC On Your Team, You’ll Have the Data You Need to Become a Unicorn and Achieve Your Destiny

Take Our Money for a 1 in 7 Chance of Becoming a Unicorn and Let Us Be Your Highest Value-Added Passive Investor

Your TRAC Intelligence Dashboard

It's Predictive

Just as Redfin or Zillow can predict the value of your home, TRAC’s proprietary algorithms make near real-time, accurate predictions on the value of your company. Your TRAC Intelligence Dashboard helps you identify the ideal investors for your next round, and informs your strategic decisions and market positioning so that you can crush your competition.


It's Comprehensive

TRAC acquires, transforms, aggregates, enriches, and analyzes data from over a dozen leading sources, giving you comprehensive information on investors and competitors.

It's Real-Time

We continuously update and refine your TRAC Intelligence Dashboard so that your data is always accurate and actionable.

It's a $250,000 Value for FREE

The cost of acquiring, applying the principles of data science, and building and maintaining a custom TRAC Intelligence Dashboard is over $250,000 a year. With TRAC on your cap table, it’s yours for free. Our promise to you: TRAC will be your highest value-added passive investor, by giving you unparalleled access to predictive, actionable data via your custom-built TRAC Intelligence Dashboard.

TRAC Unicorn Fund I

TRAC Unicorn Fund I ($31M) will make approximately 35 early-stage investments in startups that TRAC identifies as future unicorns by using its proprietary forecasting algorithms.

TRAC Unicorn Fund II

Exciting Details Coming soon…