You Get Predictive Intelligence to Help You Become a Unicorn Founder

Your customised Intelligence Dashboard is powered by TRAC’s proprietary forecasting algorithms. Our founders say it is the single most important factor in their decision to work with TRAC. We know you already focus on your internal KPIs. That’s why TRAC zeroes in on your external KPIs. You get an analytics dashboard with unprecedented insights into your company’s valuation, the industry’s top investors, competitors, and market forces.


Your Dashboard is Predictive

Just as Redfin or Zillow can find the value of your home, TRAC keeps a running tab on the value of your company. Our data helps you identify the ideal investors for your next round, those few that can truly help you reach the next level. Your Dashboard will help inform your stategic decisions and competitive positioning so you can crush your competition.

It's Comprehensive

TRAC acquires, analyzes and scrubs data from over 20 leading data aggregation sources so you have comprehensive information on all of your competitors and future investors.

It's Real-Time

We continually update your intelligence so you have the data you need to succeed.

A $250,000 Value for FREE

If you were to acquire all of this data, pay a data scientist to make sense of it, and build and maintain a dashboard, you’d spend over $250,000 a year. It’s yours for free with TRAC. Add us to your Cap Table and we’ll be your highest value-add passive investor, by giving you unparalleled access to our prescient predictive data and powerful dashboard.

Unicorn Fund I

The $30 million Unicorn Fund I will make up to 30 early-stage investments in startups that TRAC has spotted as Future Unicorns.