We contacted you because we’re ready to invest now.

Our technology continuously analyzes new startups and
selects the few that will win (that’s you). Our due diligence was complete before we contacted you so we’re ready to invest now. No open round? No problem. We simplify the investment process for you using standard SAFE Agreements with no cap.

Even better than our money, your team gets free access
to valuable TRAC comparative data on your competitors
and future investors. TRAC has predictive market data on almost all startups and qualitative data on over 80,000 investors. TRAC is your data-driven research team.

Get cash, TRAC your competitors, and understand market dynamics.

What is TRAC?

TRAC is a new kind of quantitative early-stage venture firm. Our unique predictive technology combines superhuman
forecasters and machine intelligence to accurately predict future unicorns early and with an overall accuracy >60%.


Lofty gives real estate investors an advantage
and greater returns.


Human Interest, a leading 401K provider to small and medium-sized businesses, is on TRAC to success.

The Science Behind TRAC

Based on the proven science of Collective Intelligence, TRAC combines machine intelligence (TRAC’s proprietary algorithms) and the insights of TRAC Superforecasters (Super-predictive human investors) to predict the next hypergrowth startups.

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Get access to the TRAC predictive technology that puts you ahead of the game

Portfolio companies and investment partners get access to TRAC's predictive data personalized for their specific need. Our data covers nearly all US startups, investors, markets and competitors.

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