If we’ve reached out to you, your co-investors or your portfolio CEOs, TRAC has identified one or more startups in your portfolio as future unicorns.

If so, congratulations, on your next BIG win!

Respectfully, TRAC would like your help in investing in your selected startup(s).

What is TRAC?

TRAC is a quantitative VC firm with proven technology to identify the next hypergrowth opportunities with >60% accuracy soon after these startups launch. TRAC has data on almost every US startup and we are entirely focused on helping game-changing unicorn startups reach their massive potential.

For investors like you, we offer a simple value proposition: Help us co-invest in your portfolio company and that company gets immediate access to our predictive technology (which took years of research and millions of dollars to develop). It’s like getting your own data-driven research team — for free.

TRAC technology and predictive data can help startups win. We identify and track their competitors. We accurately predict which competitors pose the greatest risks and which will go out of business. Our quantitative benchmark data can inform key business decisions. Our qualitative investor data can help startups identify relevant expertise and resources at all stages of funding growth.

Get access to the TRAC predictive technology that will change venture capital forever.