From their interest, to diligence,
to closing the documents and
wire in 5 days. Fastest closing
by a venture capitalist.




TRAC's software gives us deeper insight
into the fundraising process, making it
easier to identify investors, competitors,
and prior related deals. It's like the
Consumer Reports Car Buying Guide,
but for fundraising.

CEO, Stoke

Andy Lapso


TRAC's data and analytics have been
crucial for our investor research and
fundraising strategy, and if there's a more
bespoke report that we need, the TRAC
team is quick to jump in and help!

CEO, Albedo

Topher Haddad


TRAC has been awesome to work
with - they moved ultra-fast on their
investment. The software they provide
has saved us tons of time and money
as we were researching our competitors
and our future investors.

CEO, Enable

Jinal Jhaveri


When it comes to startups, having conviction as a
founder is critical. TRAC showed they are also high
conviction investors and put their money where
their mouth is using data. What's great, is they
make that same data available to us to inform
strategic decision-making around product,
competition, and financing.


Dan Reich


Capital… and Personalized Predictive Intelligence

TRAC is a unique early-stage venture fund. Yes, we invest capital like other VCs, but it’s the business intelligence and bespoke research we provide to our portfolio companies that make us invaluable!
Our Intelligence Dashboard Puts Actionable Information at Your Fingertips
Our portfolio founders say our predictive data is the single most important factor in their decision to work with TRAC, and we know with a 95% probability that you will agree. When TRAC invests, you and your team get a customized TRAC Intelligence Dashboard that continually calculates how much your company is worth, helps you find the best investors, provides key insights into your competitive landscape, and more..

Your Highest Valuation

TRAC’s algorithms calculate your company’s valuation and provide you with all relevant market comps, updated daily. You’ll have better information than the investors you’re talking with.

Your Perfect Lead Investors

TRAC has detailed performance metrics on nearly all venture investors. This data allows you to easily identify and connect with the perfect lead investors for your future rounds, saving you time, energy and frustration.

Your Competition

TRAC technology identifies your competitors and analyzes essential external KPIs, including market performance, media mentions, SEO metrics, and competitors’ investors. With TRAC you’ll have the information you need to beat the competition, become the market leader, and ultimately become a unicorn.

Fast Capital for Hyper-Growth Companies

If we’ve contacted you, we’re ready to invest. Our due diligence is done. TRAC will invest $250k to $1M in your company today via a standard YC SAFE AGREEMENT.  
Take our intelligence and capital so you can spend more time building your future unicorn, like these great companies.

These Current and Future Unicorns are on TRAC to Success